The Name

Perpetual Traveling the World Oceans

The SY Staatenlos is named after its owners blog Staatenlos means “Stateless” and relates to the opportunities a free lifestyle outside the scope of systems can offer. Stateless does not mean we have no citizenship or passport, it rather is synonymous to a lifestyle which does not make you liable to tax or other duties and regulations in a specific country. It stands for openness about the world and everything it has to offer with the maxime: “Go where you are treated best”. Obviously, we called our catamaran after it.  is one of the largest German-language platforms about the flag theory and global lifestyle design. Christoph is one of the foremost experts in tax optimization, emigration, company formation, second citizenship, bank accounts, investment and other global aspects of life. He consulted well over 2000 freelancers, entrepreneurs and investors about their best setup.

Naturally, Christoph also dived deep into yachting matters. Be it the registration of your boat under the right flag, how to save on EU Value-Added-Tax or how to structure yourself on a circumnavigation – he is happy to help. Just drop him a line at


Christoph is not only active in German language, he operates his business under 5 brands in 5 languages. All from the comfort of this Lagoon 380 catamaran!

Christoph is a serial entrepreneur and investor with many other projects as well – the SY Staatenlos just one among them. If you are interested, here you find some overview: