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Perpetual Traveling the World Oceans

Braving the Sea to and from beautiful Brava

In sailing as in life, there is often a calm before a storm. Cape Verde’s little luscious green island of Brava would make for a calm few days in the…
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The SY Staatenlos sails to Sal

We escaped Cape Verde’s island of São Nicolau just in the nick of time. After being hauled off in a police car to get our covid-1984 tests done, we left the…
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Sailing into the New Year on the SY Staatenlos

Do you think sailing into the new year was a breeze?  It kind of was. We traversed the Atlantic waters that separate the islands of Cape Verde, successfully navigating a…
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From the Canaries to Christmas at Cape Verde

Once upon a time, I yearned to voyage across the Atlantic aboard a cruise full of nomads. I completed that journey, stopping in the Canary Islands and Cape Verde before…
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The First Atlantic Crossing – Spain to Canary Islands

  Let’s go back in time… This story begins after our narrow escape from mainland Spain. In case you need a quick recap: We were to cross from mainland Spain…
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Changing our mind on Montenegro?

You’ve read about my metric mistake in Montenegro and the resulting crackdown the Staatenlos catamaran endured. In the age of Covid-1984, me venturing to Montenegro constitutes “high-risk” travel (learn more…
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