Transatlantic 2021

Perpetual Traveling the World Oceans

One of the greatest and first adventures for sailors is their transatlantic trip. True for the SY Staatenlos as well. With a crew of 8 we managed this amazing trip from end of January 2021 on the route from the Cape Verdes islands to mainland Brazil. With only skipper Josh having had experience on an Atlantic crossing, we enjoyed a 10 day passage from Capeverdean capital Praia to the Brazilian island of Fernando de Noronha, followed by 2 more days to the Brazilian mainland at Joao Pessoa. A blog post about the trip is still in work.



However, we already have lots of videos from our crew member Justus Zeeman. Justus is a serious photographer and made an amazing documentation about our Atlantic Crossing. Highly recommended to watch all his videos in proper order to get to know more about our adventure and the crew. Start now!