Month: August 2020

Perpetual Traveling the World Oceans

Heuereka IV And A Metric Mistake In Montenegro

As many of you know there was a large milestone in store for me in 2020. No, it was not completing every country on the United Nations list. That was…
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TSC Maiden Voyage Part 5: The Party After the Storm and Sailing Winnetou Canyon

In the last week of sailing, we had encountered some of the craziest weather I had ever experienced. First, as we tried to outrun the storm by sailing north from…
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TSC Maiden Voyage Part 4: Bora Winds in the Velebit Channel

By now, I’ve told you about almost everything that happened during our 3-week maiden voyage with our Staatenlos Catamaran. Thus far, it’s been a pretty cool progression to recount. Our…
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TSC Maiden Voyage Part 3: Dark and Stormy Days Ahead

Ready to find out about the stormiest week of our maiden voyage? Let’s pick up right where we left off on my last post… First Stop: Trogir By the time…
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